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Sunday Brunch: Foolish Waffles

Foolish Waffles returns for their monthly visit to Pennsport. Always a crowd favorite, they’ve perfected topping waffles with just about everything. Here’s a sample menu:

Chicken & Waffles
-Buttermilk fried chicken, chili honey glaze, slaw, and bourbon pickled jalapenos on a Brussels waffle

Pork Belly/Tofu (V) Banh Mi
-Seared pork belly or tofu, coriander glaze, pickled red cabbage, fresh cucumbers, jalapenos, cilantro, togarashi aioli, and fried shallots on a Brussels waffle

Breaky OG
-Thick cut bacon, free-range scrambled eggs, habanero cheddar, and maple syrup on a Brussels waffle

Veggie Scramble (V)
-roasted seasonal veg, habanero cheddar, Sriracha, and free-range scrabbled eggs on a Brussels waffle

Everythang Wagel (V)
-Everything bagel spiced liege, scallion cream cheese, fresh cucumbers, and pickled veg

Cheesus Take the Wheel (V)
-Creamy Brie cheese, fresh apples , reduced balsamic, and basil salt on a Brussels waffle

Granola Waffle (V)
-House Made Granola, fresh fruit, Pequea Valley Farms plain yogurt, and maple syrup on a Brussels waffle

Straw Nut (V)
-Fresh strawberries, Nutella, and whipped cream on a liege waffle

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