That's Herman, the inspiration and namesake of Herman's Coffee. He's also my grandfather. 

Growing up, anytime I went to visit him during the warmer months, I'd always find him sitting in his lawn chair inside the garage with the door wide open. Depending on the time of day, he'd be drinking his morning coffee or throwing back a few cheap beers. So, when I was deciding what to name the coffee shop, these memories of him kept coming through my mind. The coffee shop is located inside an old auto repair shop and I always envisioned people sitting inside sipping their morning coffee staring upon the Pennsport neighborhood through the wide open garage doors just like Herman would. Thus the name, Herman's Coffee.

My first job in the 9th grade was at a coffee shop and since that day, it's been a dream to open one of my own. With the help of my beautiful, supportive girlfriend Amy, I've finally been able to make that dream a reality and there's no one I'd rather have done it with. 

Herman's is also a small-batch coffee roaster. Our good friend, Woody DeCasere, will be manning the roaster for us. With over a decade of experience in the industry and helping to found one of the original small-batch roasters in the region, Woody knows more about coffee than most people I've met. Chances are, he'll be roasting a fresh batch up during your next visit. 

That's Herman's story in short. Come visit the lovely neighborhood of Pennsport and have a coffee with Herman.