Current Coffees Being Brewed


Ethiopia Natural Limu Negusse
Notes of mango, peach and cocoa, with a citrus brightness.

Colombia Excelso "Montebonito" Caldas
Notes of cocoa, sweet peach and passion fruit.

Sumatra Takengon
Fuller bodied with notes of cedar. Our most robust offering.

El Salvador SHG Finca Buenos Aires Kenya-style Natural Aida Batlle Selection
Notes of chocolate, dark cherry, sweet lemon and almond.

Moyamensing Blend
Our signature espresso blend features notes of dark chocolate, peach and bright citrus. A universal coffee perfect for espresso, cold brew or even your house drip. 

Organic Honduras Juan David Chavez "Finca los Tuneles" Honey Processed
Notes of juicy peach, lime, and praline with bright, clean finish.

Organic Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe
Notes of blueberry, strawberry and black licorice.

All coffees are typically available in retail bags.



We offer a full menu of espresso drinks featuring variety of dairy and non-dairy milks, as well as a rotating selection of house-made syrups. All of espresso drinks are served in the traditional method unless requested otherwise. 

Current Milk Selection:
Half & Half

Current House-Made Syrup Selection:
Vanilla (made using fresh vanilla beans)
Phở (made with Cinnamon, Clove, Star Anise & Thai Basil)
Apple Pie
Grapefruit Sage
Cranberry Rosemary
Fresh Mint
Nutella (the only espresso flavoring we don't make in house...there's no reason to mess with a classic)

Espresso Cocktails



We offer a selection of cocktail-inspired drinks made using our house espresso. Here's some of what we are currently offering:

Espresso Tonics
A refreshing iced drink made using Fever Tree Tonic and two shots of espresso and garnished with a sprig of fresh rosemary or try one of our rotating varieties:

Cran-Rosemary: A seasonal, soul-satisfying espresso tonic for these colder months. Our house-made cranberry-rosemary syrup perfectly blends with the espresso, making you happier than you ever thought you could be drinking an iced coffee drinking amidst the freezing cold weather. 

Grapefruit Sage: The addition of a house-made grapefruit sage syrup take this the refreshingness of the espresso tonic to the next level. This one is definitely a fan favorite. 

Bitter Tonic: In light of the cocktail feel of the espresso tonics, we offer up a selection of bitters from Fee Brothers and Hella. Feel free to mix and match any of the current bitters selection in your tonic. Currently offering: Aztec Chocolate, Black Walnut, Smoked Chili, West Indies Orange, Cranberry, and Cherry.

A simple mixture of two of your favorite things: espresso and San Pellegrino Limonata. A pair of freshly pulled shot of espresso over an iced glass of Limonata somehow makes the Limonata even more refreshing than it is on its own.